Are we a group of men who have achieved the pinnacle of evolution to hand down our learnings from on high?


Okay, well has Destin Gerek (EM Founder) achieved enlightenment, at least?


Are we going to solve all of your life problems for you with a simple 5-step formula where we give you step one via an advertisement which then funnels you into our system?


In our society we are overloaded with information. There is no shortage of men or men’s programs that can show you the “right” way to be. And, don’t get us wrong, many of them hold a great deal of value. Ultimately, however, no one else can make your life decisions for you. No man can be a model strong enough to show you your own way.

Ultimately, every man must become that for himself. In a world with shockingly few positive male role models, men are being called in greater and greater numbers to become one.

In the Evolved Masculine we work with you to create an archetype, or an inspiring vision, of the man you are choosing to live into, or become. This vision is so inspiring that you are naturally drawn to become it.

The Evolved Masculine is not a person, and yet it is many and growing every day. The Evolved Masculine is an ideal that is held in the minds and hearts of the men on this path of growth. It inspires each man to become his OWN version of The Evolved Masculine, which is defined, refined, and practiced by him.

The Evolved Masculine is:

Men who are committed to their own path of growth and development.

Men who, when that path becomes difficult, continue step by challenging step and will let nothing stop them in their pursuit of their highest expression, whatever THEY determine that is.

Men who know they are not alone. Each man is committed to each other man and HIS highest expression, restoring a sense of brotherhood that most of us have lost.

Men who are powerfully sexually expressed, and yet remain connected with their hearts.

Men who hold a positive vision for the world and work diligently within the world to create it.

Men who honor their women and their families, and yet remain connected with their individual truth and inspiration.

If that is you, or if you are ready to commit to become that, then we invite you to get involved with us.


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