You have reached a place in your sexual expression where what you used to do is no longer enough. You want to develop the ability to last as long as you want in bed, to have fuller, harder erections, and to be able to attain choice over when (or even IF) you ejaculate.

Welcome to Sexual Self-Mastery, the program that will take you to new heights of sexual prowess.

What is it?
The Sexual Self-Mastery program is a 3-month transformational journey that will help you establish a closer relationship with your sexual energy as an energy. This understanding will be transmitted to you in part by a 20-video series which includes demonstrations from individuals who have achieved this mastery. They will guide you through a series of what we call “Erotic Self-Explorations,” each designed to develop your capability to master separate tools for erotic expression. Another goal of this program is to bring you to a place of ejaculatory choice, or having control over when, or even IF, you ejaculate during intercourse or self-exploration. You will be guided through this process with weekly coaching calls where you discuss with a licensed Evolved Masculine Coach your particular challenges that arise from engagement with this material. You will maintain an online journal of your progress through these exercises.
Sexual Self-Mastery
Achieve True Ejaculatory Choice & Master Your Sexual Energy

Personalized Coaching
One of our Evolved Masculine Coaches will personally guide you through these practices to develop a new way of relating to your own sexuality, one which will offer you greater mastery, satisfaction, and choice.
Powerful Video Trainings
A 20-video series led by Destin Gerek with guest stars Katelin and Ben will give you gorgeous audio/visual examples of the practices you will be integrating.
 Access to an Exclusive Brotherhood
 Part of your journey will be connecting with other men who are on the same path, or have walked it before. This is a b​​​​​​​rotherhood of men who have made the same commitment you have to their own personal growth and development, and their reflections will prove a valuable resource to you as you anchor in this new way of being in the world.
Library of Bonus Content
Example Bonus Videos: "Teach Her How to Squirt" & "Multi-Orgasmic Men Share Their Stories"
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