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Transform Men's Lives
The signs are clear. You see it all around you. Maybe you've lived it yourself. Men are hurting. The old ways of being a man in the world are no longer working. With women increasingly stepping into their power, some men have become unsure of how they fit in. The #metoo social media campaign brought so many of these responses to the surface. Many men were simply silent, uncertain how to respond. Others were challenged by the perception that men were the problem, and responded with shutdown or anger.

Yet, there is an alternative way for men, a way for them to cultivate harmonious relationships with women while remaining connected to their sense of masculine power. You want to support men in this. You feel the calling to do this work, to usher in a new way of being a man.

Confident. Grounded. Centered in his heart yet solid in his own sexual expression.​ Capable of deep intimacy and vulnerability.​​​​​​
Hi. I'm Destin Gerek.
I've been working in the field of sexuality for over 20 years. My journey began because my first girlfriend was raped shortly before we got together. I have devoted my life to the study and healing of global sexual consciousness. I began in an academic context, and quickly expanded into the realm of tantra, coaching, energetic mastery, and men's work. I've run events on 6  continents (still working on Antarctica), and have developed a comprehensive system to help men claim their sexual power, their confidence, and to heal their relationship to the feminine.
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The Tools to Get Started NOW
You don't want to wait.  And you don't have to. The world needs your gifts NOW, not in several years. Learn how to begin doing this work wherever you are on your own journey, and how to do it with integrity.

You want the confidence that what you're offering is valuable, and you want the ability to speak about it powerfully.

We've got you covered.

My career has been shaped by my missteps, and it's taken me 20 years to get to this point. I've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

An Immersive 6-Day Training
With 4 weeks of training before & after, to give YOU the tools needed to support men on their path.

Learn PROVEN Methods
That I have used to offer powerful transformation to hundreds of men all over the world, including the Evolved Masculine Curriculum: Deep Masculine Empowerment, Sexual Self-Mastery, and Understanding and Gratifying Women.
A Growing Community
Of Men and Women who are offering this work, and with whom you can connect to share activities, strategies, and best practices for working with men.
Access to Powerful Video Trainings
That will guide you to a new level of understanding of how men can become better lovers and master their sexual energy as well as how they can cultivate confidence and build the lives that they WANT to be living.
One-on-one Support
Myself and my team will be working with you during the training to dial in how YOU can begin to incorporate these methodologies into your existing business, or how you can begin to offer these services and grow a community of men in your area.
Enrollment Training
Men can be notoriously resistant to self-development. Many of them have been trained to ignore their emotions, to neglect their needs. Building a male-centered business can be a challenge. We are committed to making this work for you not only as a passion, but as a thriving BUSINESS. How to enroll men, how to inspire them, and how to present this work in a way that makes saying "yes" a no-brainer.
Make This Your Own
We will show you how to use the Evolved Masculine methodologies within your own business. Learn from other coaches who have successfully employed these methods to achieve results with their own clients.
What Makes Us Different?
I'm a 20-Year Veteran in this work. I have a deep understanding of and compassion for both men and women.
We use a holistic mind/body/spirit approach. There are no magic bullets or gimmicks.
This is not pick-up artistry, nor is it purely personal growth. We use men's drive towards women and sex as a gateway into their personal and spiritual development.
This isn't just about men teaching men about women, sex, and how to be a man.
We train women who want to take on this work as well. And they're not just showing up as guest experts (though we have several of those as well). We work with women who are just as deeply committed to supporting men.

If you're a woman, you will find value in learning how men approach working with men.

If you're a man, you will find value in learning how a woman can support a man on his path.

We are cultivating an environment of depth, sharing, and unconditional mutual support. This is the work that the world needs, and we are committed to radical inclusion.

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Dates: Sep 11-16, 2018
2 Weeks online training before & 6 weeks after.
Location: TBD, Southern California.
$5997 Until Sold Out​
Early Bird (May 15 - July 15, 2018): $5497 6 Remaining
Super Early Bird (Until May 15): $4997 4 Remaining
Apply now. Space is limited and filling quickly.

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Training Schedule
DAY 1: Welcome, Introduction. Becoming a powerful leader, Clarifying who you want to serve, what their pain/struggles are, and the results you want to help provide them.​​​​
DAY 2 : Working with men surrounding confidence & empowerment, masculinity, and what it means to be a man.
DAY 3: Working with men surrounding their sexuality. Sexual Self-Mastery.
DAY 4:  Working with men surrounding their relationships with women and the feminine (both external and internal).
DAY 5:  What in you must die so that the leader may be born? Honing your voice. The Energetics of Leaderships. The art and science of Enrollment, along with enrollment practice sessions.
DAY 6: Enrollment part 2. Surprise content, and Wrap-up.
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The Evolved Masculine Path
As part of Evolved Masculine Leadership, you will learn how we launched, market, and maintain the Evolved Masculine Path, the premiere men's group for masculinity and conscious male sexuality. Learn more in the video below or visit
"Thank you Destin Gerek - your support has made me a better man; more powerful, more grounded, more connected to my truth."
- Andrew Hewitt
"Of all the events I have been to, (and there have been a lot), the one I went to that you lead has had the greatest long term effect on my life. Thank you"
- John Lewis
"To finally uncover and FEEL what my passion and purpose is was a gift like no other."
- Yevgeny Brenner
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