Join a Brotherhood of Men Committed to Becoming the Man the World Needs and the One She Craves

Learn the transformational techniques that I used to reinvent myself twice over from insecure people-pleaser to Erotic Rockstar to Leader of the Evolved Masculine.

Treat this as your call to COMMIT to step into the next, higher version of yourself.

Join a brotherhood of men employing the same tools world-renowned sexuality expert Destin Gerek has used to transform the lives of thousands of men, beginning with his own. Men who commit to this path have no interest in being “average.”

You will be shown cutting-edge techniques, from tantric sexual practices to personal development, that will support you to transform the areas in which you have struggled into the very thing that makes you legendary.

This community is not for you if you hope to achieve these results by watching a few videos and sitting around waiting for it to sink in.

However, if you want to devote yourself to learning and integrating techniques that will help you develop your own powerful archetype, to become a man whose very PRESENCE in a room inspires confidence in others then welcome, Brother. This community is for you.

Re-create your life, your sexuality, and your masculine power on your terms.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Craft your Evolved Masculine Archetype

In this brotherhood you will begin by crafting a vision of yourself 2-3 years from now that is so magnetic that you will be naturally drawn towards becoming Him.

This community is not for men who wish to be your run-of-the mill good guy. This is a community for men who are passionate, driven, ready to explore and push their edges to become more than they had ever imagined possible.

The Evolved Masculine Archetype is the cornerstone of the community. Each man has one, and each Archetype is unique. The shifts I have seen in men who have fully engaged with and integrated this practice are nothing short of miraculous.

STEP 2: Meet Your Brothers

“I can do this alone.”
“I’ll just ‘man up’ and handle it by myself.” 

Men who join this community are committed to actively confront the lone wolf archetype within them. It is not through remaining isolated that we create the life we desire. It is through our powerful vulnerability, sharing ourselves fully with our brothers, that we can create the new world (and radically expressed life) we crave.

It may be uncomfortable at times to bare your heart in a community of men. This community is one that will support you when you feel weak while also reminding you of your great strength.

This is not your typical virtual community. Each man here, like you, is emotionally intelligent and highly committed.

We gather twice monthly, and you will be surrounded by men of exceedingly high-caliber, all focused on doing the same work that you are and creating the life of their dreams

STEP 3: Integrate the Practices

We aren’t putting you out in the ocean without a boat. Included with your membership is a series of practices sent out via weekly videos.

Taken alone, these practices have the capacity to change the way you approach your life. Within the context of a community, however, what we create is nothing short of magic.

You will integrate these practices with the video teachings sent out weekly as well as through our monthly calls with me or one of my colleagues.

STEP 4: 1:1 Support (laser coaching)

Sometimes you need an extra nudge, a new perspective, or a well-timed push. Once a month in our 90-minute group video calls some of you will have the opportunity to get 1:1 support directly from me with hot-seat coaching.

If you have ever experienced the power of effective, targeted coaching, you know the value here. The breakthroughs you will experience can shave YEARS of struggle off of your life path in a matter of minutes. My private clients invest tens of thousands of dollars to work with me 1:1.

As the son of a mailman however, it is important to me to make this work more widely available, and this is how I do it. Avail yourself of the opportunity

STEP 5: Meet Other Legends

I go to great lengths to to walk my talk. I realize I am only one piece of the puzzle.

Just as you will be encouraged to receive support, I frequently partner with other successful figures in the realms of masculinity, sexuality, and relationships to bring you unique video trainings and interviews. 

Are you ready to learn some tips from a man who was instrumental in the creation of OneTaste and Orgasmic Meditation, which has become a worldwide phenomenon? Want to bump elbows with a woman who regularly facilitates sexy parties all over the world? (Well, I can think of several of those you might meet.)

The EM Community is the place to expand what you imagine as possible for yourself. I want to give you as much access to my world as I can because I believe that we are here to redefine masculinity together.

STEP 6: Share Your Transformation

Your transformation is not complete until you share it with your world. If I let everyone continue to see me as “Greg,” I would have stayed Greg the nice guy who wore baggy pants and oversized t-shirts.

I told everyone in my life about the transformation I was choosing, and had them SUPPORT me in it. And that’s what you will do as well. Do you want to live a life you’ll be proud of when death comes for you? Live it boldly and proclaim your truth. Ask for what you want, and be a stand for your values.

In the Evolved Masculine community we are not interested in saying we want one thing and in the end DOING only what is most comfortable for us. We will hold you accountable for having the conversations and taking the actions necessary to create the life you want and achieve true and lasting transformation.

Find the idea of that uncomfortable? Good. It’s supposed to be.
…and we’ll be here for you when you need us.

Price in USD. Billed monthly until cancelled.

What’s Included:

Weekly video-based lessons, including my 20-video Evolved Masculine Empowerment Program ($997 value)

Zoom screen shot

One monthly 90-minute Zoom Session with hotseat coaching: ($997/mth value)

Monthly additional lesson/teaching by respected colleagues in the realms of sexuality/intimacy/relationship ($500/mth value)

Exclusive Secret Facebook Group of brothers committed to their own path of evolutionary growth. PRICELESS!

The Evolved Masculine Brotherhood is for you if:

Price in USD. Billed monthly until cancelled.

In most men’s lives there comes a moment when we are faced with our own fears, demons, or inadequacies.

We fear that what we desire most in life is slipping away from us. And in those moments we are given a choice. A choice we rarely want to make.

We can choose to run away from our responsibility, or hope something changes on its own. We can pray for someone to change it for us. We can hesitate because we’re afraid that our choice will be too emotionally challenging or too financially straining. Many of us spend years fighting against doing the things we know we must.

We recognize that doing nothing is itself a choice, and one we cannot afford to make any longer.

So we say,

“F#$% It. Let’s Do This.”

Price in USD. Billed monthly until cancelled.